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Business Cases
Some examples :

  • E-Mail Marketing Services Platform: global search for new investors, capital restructuring and growth strategy plan

  • Global leader in Outsourced Product Development: assistance and advisory services for acquisitions around Europe

  • Advertising and Mobile Marketing: Sell-side management through global Advertising leaders and Digital Marketing pure players

  • Insurance broker: assist the company management by the mapping of communication processes and sales segmentation, in order to re-activate and  better support distribution networks due to emmerging competition (extranet)

  • VC Investment fund: assist in early stage funding exit and restructuring of portfolio shareholdings positions

  • Security Managed Services: Completion of spin-off acquired by IT Services Company in order to built a pan-European Security Platform

  • Software publisher: completion of a merger and re-organization process, plus transition to a new business model

  • Mobile Telco BPO Platform: Debt and Capital development Funding for Saas (Software as a Service) & BPO Company in Mobile Telco with growth target and global market reach toward full MVNO Management

  • Leading publisher in IT and game magazines: implemented a new marketing program to build subscribers portfolio. rRengineering of the customer order processing

  • Mobile and embedded Software Development: sell-side process management toward worldwide IT/Telcos/Software buyers

  • Express Messaging Services: definition and renrichment of sales and marketing multi-channel processes with operational managers and preparation of Information System changes (CRM)

  • Information Technology & Network Services: help the Board of Directors to define potential acquisition targets and acquire four companies in France and all over Europe. Assist in managing and organizing a post-merger period

  • Digital Marketing Content MarketPlace: sell-side advisor toward acquisition by French news publisher group

  • Software publisher: assist in optimising European organization and outsourcing customer service department

  • ...

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